Services / Ministries / Organizations

The Parish Community of St. Joan of Arc has numerous Ministries and Organizations for Parishioners to volunteer for and with. The following list is our current Ministries and Organizations, a brief description of each. If you have any questions regarding the Groups, please call the Parish Office at 352-688-0663 during regular business hours- Monday through Thursday 9am to 4pm (closed for lunch from 12 to 1) and Friday from 9am to 12 noon.

KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS FISH FRY DINNERS ARE BACK for drive-thru, take-out meals!

 Our Knights of Columbus will start drive-thru, take-out FRIDAY FISH FRY DINNERS at our Parish Hall:   September 11th, September 25th and October 2nd

 Each meal will consist of a choice of:

  1. Fish: Baked or Fried
  2. Baked Potato, French Fries or Hash Brown Potatoes

The balance of your meal includes: coleslaw, apple sauce and sour cream.  The cost is only $9.00 per meal. Please pay with cash.  Meals orders can only be taken by phone. Phone orders are accepted up to Wednesday at 5:00 p.m., the week of our Fish Fry Dinner.   To Place Your Dinner Order Please Call 352-556-4606 or 352-688-6153.  If the answering machine picks up, please leave your name and phone number and we will call you back for your order.   Keep reading your Sunday Bulletin for possible future dinner dates too!


Assist the Priest on the Altar during the Celebration of the Mass. Duties include carrying of the Processional Cross, Candles, Incense and Banners when required, and those who serve add to the dignity and solemnity of the Mass. Youth age Nine (9) and older who have received First Holy Communion may participate as Altar Servers during weekend Liturgies and special occasions. Interested Adults are also needed for Weekday Masses and Funerals. Full and ongoing training is provided.

The calling is for persons to assist the Celebrant during Mass in the distribution of Holy Communion, which we offer here under both Species ( The Body & The Blood of Jesus).

This ministry flows from the weekend and daily Masses celebrated at our parish. The ministers bring the Eucharist from Mass to those confined at home, nursing homes and hospitals, also to the sick, the shut-ins and the aged.

Proclaiming the Good News at Mass during the Liturgy of the Word is the responsibility of these dedicated Ministers. They also offer the Intercessions during Mass. A good, clear speaking voice is required, as you are not only reading the Holy Scripture, but proclaiming it.

These are the bright and friendly faces who welcome you to our Eucharistic Celebration. If you are outgoing, warm, loving and caring, this is the Ministry for you!

As the people enter the Sanctuary, they are met by our Ushers who assist them with seating if required. Our Ushers also take up the Offertory Collection and present it to the Priest.

People involved in this Ministry are charged with the day to day care of the Altar and Sanctuary; including preparing the Altar for Liturgies, the upkeep of the Sacred Vessels, Books, Altar Cloths and Vestments and ensuring that there are sufficient Altar Breads (Hosts), Altar Wine and Liturgical Candles.

While we are all called to this Ministry by participating in singing from our pews and raising our Voices to the Heavens.. Those who would like to join the Choir are invited to by simply talking with and singing for our Director of Music. Our Mass Choir sings every weekend (mid-Sept. thru Pentecost) with extras added. There is a Children’s Choir, which sings the 2nd Sunday of each month (Oct. – May). We have a Life Teen Band, too. Instrumentals are always a welcome addition IF you talk with the Director of Music first.

The creative people involved in this Visual Ministry are charged with the decoration of the areas of the Church both inside and outside of the Sanctuary. Flowers, greens, banners and other decorations are used to help enhance the celebration of the Liturgy.

The CCW is primarily a women’s organization charged with four major categories of service. They are Church/Family; International/Community; Organizational and Legislative. In addition to the services performed, the CCW also builds community through social events.

This Ministry is responsible for the upkeep of the Church grounds- the mowing, trimming, raking, planting and beautification of the property. They meet/work every Wednesday & Friday mornings…normally. These wonderful people are responsible for the striking first impression visitors receive when they drive onto our grounds.

The Knights of Columbus is an organization of Catholic Men formed to render support and spirituality to the Catholic Church. They provide a variety of services, manpower and programs to the Church on an ongoing basis. The organization, formation and operations are separate from the Church but are dedicated to support and defend the Faith. Membership is open to men who are practicing Catholics and are interested in serving the Church and community by their devoted service to mankind.

The responsibilities of the Council are far reaching, covering all aspects of Parish Life. Parish Council meetings are open to all parishioners, and they are encouraged to participate in giving their concerns and ideas for making our Spiritual and Family Life more meaningful. The Pastoral Council is responsible for the planning and evaluation of our mission statement and the definition of parish goals and visions. It includes parish life and Christian formation (religious education). The Pastor presides over the Council through the President, who chairs the meetings. The Pastor will normally ratify all decisions and policies established. The make-up of the Council is a representation of members of the Parish Community who are elected or appointed.

This group responds to spiritual needs by conducting Communion Services twice a month. Contact: The Pastor thru the parish office.

This ministry is a team of Parishioners who assist Non-Catholics or Non-Practicing Catholics who are seeking the Sacraments of Initiation- Baptism, Confirmation, and the Eucharist- welcoming those who are making inquiries about Catholicism.

This group of concerned Catholics serve through the collection of alms from boxes located in the Narthex, and members put the Gospel message into action by feeding the hungry, providing clothing for the unclothed and caring for the stranger. The society sponsors canned goods drives and operates the Christmas tree of lights in memory of loved ones.

The volunteers of this group man the Welcome desk in our front lobby prior to the start of Sunday Masses. They provide information and welcome to visitors and new Parishioners alike before and after our Sunday Masses.

This group meets the First Friday of every month in the Parish Library following 9am Mass. This is NOT a bereavement group-they plan dates and places to go to lunch as a group. They also exchange ideas for day or extended trips they are interested in. A donation of One Dollar per month (or Twelve Dollars per year) pays for flowers to be placed on the Altar each month in memory of their deceased spouses, a day of recollection (with lunch), and for refreshments served at each meeting.

This committee keeps the issues of life before the Parish Community. They inform on issues of Abortion, Euthanasia, Genetics and Capital Punishment. They work towards safeguarding individual rights with the limitations of social living, and dealing with issues of discrimination, poverty, hunger and war.

Additionally, we always need Volunteers for our Religious Education Program and Confirmation preparation program.