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K-5 Schedule

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Depending on this Coronavirus pandemic and the teachings of our Bishop Parkes, the following is our current plan.

Faith Formation will begin with a parent meeting on Wednesday, August 19 .  Classes will begin on Wednesday, August 26th.

Kindergarten through Fifth grade will meet on Wednesdays  5:45PM-7:00PM.

Sixth through Eighth grade will participate in The Edge program on Sundays. Please contact the Youth Minister for more information.

              Grades 6th through 8th will meet every other Sunday beginning with 11:00 AM Mass and ending at 3:00 PM.

Requirements of the diocese are that every child must have two years of preparation to enter the Confirmation program.

In order to receive First Reconciliation and First Eucharist, children must complete a preparatory year (a two year program).

It is important that all children of the parish be enrolled in Faith Formation, Kindergarten through High School.

For any questions, please call the Faith Formation/Youth Ministry office at 352-686-7864.

Schedule for Faith Formation  K-5    2020-2021

Wednesdays 5:45-7:00pm

First Session – Still to be determined by the Coronavirus guidelines given to us by Bishop Parkes.

Text Books: Finding God by Loyola Press

After 5 absences, the year is null and will not count toward Sacramental Preparation.


Tentative for 2020-2021

Parent meeting will be Wednesday, August 19

Classes are scheduled at this time for August 26, 2020 through May 12, 2021. This may change because of the pandemic.